The 401 on Renting Water Sports Equipment in the BVI

If you are planning a vacation in the BVI, you have most likely thought about all the fun ways you can enjoy the beautiful warm waters. Whether you are renting a villa, or chartering a Bareboat from one of the many charter companies in Tortola, you have many decisions to make when it comes to equipment to rent to get you on or in the water.

Surf Boards in TortolaThe first thing you need to figure out, is where do you get the equipment from? It’s quite simple actually. There are a handful of shops in the BVI that specialize in renting all types of water sports and water toys. Businesses such as Island Surf and Sail specialize in water sport rentals, and focus on the long term rentals through charter companies and villas. We offer free delivery Tortola wide, and offer equipment that is focused on your needs. There are a few charter companies that rent equipment on site. This is something that you need to be careful with. These charter companies are charter boat rentals, and do not focus attention to the rental gear. This means that the gear is usually not maintained properly, and most importantly, it is often not the right equipment for you. After all, you are the one renting the gear… shouldn’t it be gear that suits your need? For example, if you rent a paddle board to take on charter with you for a week, it should be the right size for your body weight, but also the right size for the rest of the people on board using the SUP that week. The charter companies have limited choices, and aren’t really concerned if you have the right gear on your charter boat. You will also find that rental companies maintain equipment to the highest standards, and will guarantee lower prices than the charter companies. Water sports is what we do for a living… don’t settle for anything less than the best!

Once you have found a place to rent your gear, you then need to figure out what you need? You can usually go to a website such as to see what is offered. You will have many choices, but usually you will have a wish list before you even explore the options. Do you like to snorkel? Do you like to kayak? Do you like to paddle board? So many choices! Be sure to always ask questions. We are here to answer any questions you may have about places to use the equipment in the BVI, and what equipment is best suited for you. Island Surf and Sail offers a one stop shop, with a reservation form that prompts you for your details about your visit. Once the rental shop receives your order, they will email back to confirm, and delivery dates are established. The gear is stowed on board so it is safe, and out of the way. If you are renting a villa in Tortola, the shop will provide roof racks for boards, so you can drive to the different beaches to utilize your equipment. When your stay is over, we will come and pick the gear up. Simple!

One thing you need to remember when renting your gear in the BVI, is that if you don’t have the right gear for you… a mask that leaks, a paddle board with no leash, a fishing reel that doesn’t work properly, or a surfboard with a ding… this is what you’ll remember! You will forget about the turtle you saw, the first wave you surfed, or the kayaking in a quiet cove with your kids if the gear is not working properly. Don’t let the bad experiences out weigh the amazing experiences because you didn’t get the right gear for you!

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