Snorkeling Rentals Tortola BVI


Snorkeling is a popular water sports in Tortola and the rest of the British Virgin Islands. Browse through this page to rent our high quality US Divers snorkel gears or to find the best spots in the islands.

Adult US Divers Snorket Set for Rent in Tortola BVI

Adult Snorkel Set

This high quality US Divers Adult Snorkel gear includes a self-draining snorkel, a reliable fitted mask, and adjustable fins.


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Kid's US Gear Snorkel Set Rentals in Tortola BVI

Kids Snorkel Set

This premium quality US Divers snorkel set includes a fitted Java mask for kids and small adults, a self-draining snorkel, and a pair of adjustable fins.


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$10 $12 $15 $20 $22 $25 $30
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$35 $40 $44 $48 $50 $52 $55


Waterproof Virgin Islands Fish ID Cards - Double sided

Waterproof Virgin Islands Fish ID Cards – Double sided


Best Snorkeling Spots in Tortola

Smuggler’s Cove and Brewer’s Bay are the two great snorkeling spots in Tortola.

Smuggler’s Cove is a bit remote so expect a nice nature trip on dirt road going there. Its shallow waters make it a great snorkeling spot for beginners, but keep safety in mind as lifeguards may not be always present in the area. It’s best to bring all things you need when going there, but don’t worry, beverages are sold in the area.

Brewers Bay is considered by many as the best snorkeling spot in Tortola and is more accessible than Smuggler’s Cove. Don’t be surprised to see sea turtles, stingrays, and other rare marine wildlife. Its wonderful coral formations is also popular among regular snorkelers and divers.

Snorkeling from Chartered Yachts

If you are planning a sailing vacation in the BVI and the Caribbean, make sure to ask your chartered boat to include some of these great snorkeling spots on your itinerary.

Some of the great sites are The Aquarium in between Baths and Virgin Gorda, Cistern Point off Cooper Island, Coral Gardens off Dead Chest Island, Diamond Reef off the East end of Great Camanoe, and Vanishing Rock which sits in between Salt and Cooper Islands.

We offer free delivery for orders over $75 so include our snorkeling sets when you order our other water toys.