Snorkeling in the BVI

The BVI is blessed with its beautiful warm water and amazing snorkeling! You can access snorkel spots from either the beach, or by boat on the outer islands. Much of the best snorkeling is on the outer islands, but you can access nice snorkeling from the beach at Brewer’s Bay, Smuggler’s Cove, Anegada, and various other spots.

If you are chartering a bareboat for the week, and enjoy snorkeling, you are in luck! You should make sure you have proper fitting masks and fins before leaving the dock. Island Surf and Sail can help you with your rentals if your charter company doesn’t already provide snorkel gear. Many of the dive sites have mooring balls to tie up to for a short period of time to enjoy the snorkeling and diving. Most spots have shallow areas that are nice for snorkelers. One of the favourite snorkel spots is the Indians and the Caves which are both located close to the Bite on Norman Island. The barrier reef in Anegada is the 4th largest on earth, and offers some of the most amazing snorkeling in the world! It’s not just the reefs you can enjoy, there is a myriad of ship wrecks in the BVI as well. The most famous shipwreck in the BVI is the HMCS Rhone. The Rhone has spots that are deep dive spots, but also has shallow spots to snorkel as well.

Coral Reefs are very fragile ecosystems, that depend on many facets in order for it to stay healthy. It is very important that you never feed the fish, or touch the coral. If you need to stand for any reason, please find a patch of sand to stand in. It is also important to try to use reef friendly sunscreen while snorkeling, or just enjoying the water. The oils in certain sunscreens have been proven the cause damage to the coral, and stop growth.

If you have never snorkeled in the BVI, or have never snorkeled before, you are in for a treat! It is one of the most amazing ways to experience the colours and various animals that call the reefs home.

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